New Edits Have Been Added to E214s

New edits have been added to E214s when containing air waybills.    
The E214 system  will check Air AMS for a split indicator on all air waybills transmitted in an E214.        
•	If a split indicator is present, the carrier, flight number, arrival date and manifest quantity must match the carrier’s data exactly.  In Air AMS, the arrival date is the date the cargo arrives at the first port in the United States.        
•	If an E214 contains a split bill and does not match the manifest data, it will be rejected.  The rejection reason will be: “INVALID BILL KEY FOR SPLIT BILL-VERIFY MASTER, HOUSE, CARR, FLIT. & ARVL DT.”        
•	Each part of the split must be transmitted in separate admissions.  Repeating the same bill within an admission will result in a rejection.    

Should you have any questions, contact your Client Representative.