Forum focuses on expanded foreign trade zone

The DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership and Noble County Economic Development Corp. will hold a joint public forum Wednesday on the advantages of foreign trade zones for businesses.

Last fall, both organizations applied for inclusion of their counties into Foreign Trade Zone 182. They anticipate notification of their status from the Foreign Trade Board in Washington, D.C., in four to five months.

An expanded FTZ would help qualified businesses pursue import/export opportunities that, in the past, were not available, too expensive or too time-consuming. If FTZ status is approved, qualified businesses in both counties could become be more competitive in the global market.

The forum will provide a general overview of the FTZ designation to help businesses and industries determine if it would be beneficial to their individual organizations. More in-depth forums will be held at later dates.

The forum will be held at DeKalb Distributing, 201 Nicholas Place, Avilla. Registration begins at 11:30 a.m., with the program running from noon to 1 p.m. Ola DeGrabriele, foreign trade manager for the city of Fort Wayne, will lead the presentation.
Source: Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly