Site Activation Process

As you might imagine, there is a very detailed process for authorizing a specific business, warehouse, or factory location to function as an extension of a traditional Foreign Trade Zone. This process is called “site activation”.

The process includes meeting a variety of standards and completing these requirements:

  • Background Check – A 10-year background check will be executed by U.S. Customs on all those who will work within the actual Foreign Trade Zone.

  • Operator’s Bond – A financial instrument that ensures payment of U.S. Customs fees, duties, etc. in the event of violation.

  • Complete Procedures Manual – Written descriptions of operations to ensure compliance with Custom’s regulations.

  • Inventory Control System – An approved process for tracking the flow of goods to and from the Operator’s site.

  • Security Survey – A review of physical security measures such as walls, fences, doors and locks, and monitoring measures such as guards, electronic security devices and monitoring systems, as well as access control systems to secure the exempted items.

  • Customs Orientation and Inspection – Ongoing coordination between U.S. Customs and the Operator to ensure that procedures are observed.

 For information on Site Activation, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce or contact Elissa McGauley.