Northeast Indiana's Connection to the World

We’re here to help businesses make importing and exporting easier, more affordable and more profitable.

BizFTZ is the Foreign Trade Zone program that operates in an twelve county region in Northeast Indiana. Any company within this area can apply to be a FTZ Operator allowing it to defer, or even avoid, payment of import duties and often enjoy a lower tariff rate. Restrictions, limitations and regulations regarding how much merchandise can be brought into the country are eased or eliminated as long as the merchandise remains in the FTZ.

Can a Foreign Trade Zone Help Your Business?

Operating in a FTZ can be a significant advantage to firms that import components or manufacture finished products from foreign components for export. Other activities allowed within an FTZ include:
  •  assembling
  • kitting and packaging
  • destroying
  • cleaning
  • re-packing
  • distributing
  • sorting
  • grading
  • testing
  • labeling
  •  repairing
  • combining foreign/domestic content

BizFTZ is Here to Help

Taking advantage of FTZ services requires completion of a variety of applications and compliance with specific regulations. We’re here to help you through the process. Contact the BizFTZ team and let’s talk about how FTZ could benefit your business.